Photography Techniques: Exposure, DOF Zone System
A guide to the sites featuring information on determining exposure, zone system, DOF - depth of field calculations, tilting lenses etc
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Bahman Farzads - Zone System Book for the Confused Photographer!
This site describes Farzads simplified zone system for exposure amongst other things. It gives summaries of various chapters from his book on the subject which is probably enough information most people interested in getting the most out of their cameras light meter.

Bob Wheeler Photography
A great technical resource for photographers. Bob provides in depth discussion on depth of field, exposure, the geometery of lens, lens tilting etc - he has written software for calculating lots of extremely useful things - this site is highly recommended.

Harold Merklinger
Predominantly articles available as PDF files on depth of field calculations for large format cameras but with some articles on 35 mm. Harold also provides MOV files showing how lens tilt alters the plane of focus etc. This is a great resource for photographers of all formats.

Pinhole Visions - Art of Pinhole Photography
As well as having a series of great pinhole image galleries the site has some great links and information on how to make pinhole cameras and to take pinhole photographs. If you want to get into pinhole photography this is a great place to start.


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