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A guide to the sites featuring information on printmaking with gum bichromate infrared pinhole platinum palladium bromoil POP cyanotypes.
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BW Infrared Photography
Ben Kreunen's photography tips for black and white infrared photography

Bostick & Sullivan
B&S provide photographic materials and chemicals for alternative photographic processes. They supply platinum and palladium printmaking chemicals and supply rare and hard to find materials for both modern and antique handmade photographic printmaking. Also check out the great alternative process image galleries.
A free information centre for people working with cyanotypes or alternative photographic processes.
This site has some brief but interesting discussion about several photographic techniques and processes including cyanotype, maximization, the use of paper negatives, sabattier effects, cross processing and stroboscopic technique.

Guide to Platinum Palladium Photographic Printmaking
Excerpts from the Guide to Platinum-Palladium Photographic Printmaking by Jeffrey D. Mathias.

Gum Bichromate Photography
An exploration and practise in gum bichromate photographic printing includes a range of resources for this process.

Hand Made Photographic Images
Infrared, Pinhole, and Alternative Process Photographic Images and Articles

International Society Bromoilists
Bromoil combines the skills, nuances and attibutes of fine art photography, printmaking and painting. This historic process is truly a happy marriage of craft and art.

Platinum Printmaking
Platinum Printmaking made simple by Gary Auerbach


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