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Artezphotovisions: Fine Art Photography
Features several galleries of black and white photographs taken by Artez:ballet,statues,mannequins,fine art nudes,portraits...Prints available for purchase.

B r u n o E s p a d a n a
Site of Bruno Espadana, portuguese photographer. Works with 35mm, mainly black & white, although some work in colour (mainly cross-processing). Portraits, urban landscapes and abstracts.

Bruce Monk - Exhibition of Dance Photography
Some of the most ambient dance photography you'll see by Award winning photographer Bruce Monk.

Cheryl Jacobs Fine Art Photography
Moody medium format fine art B&W -- Denver, Colorado

Davide Gazzotti Photography
Portfolio of a street photographer. Candid portraits of European cities, such as Amsterdam and Madrid, along with commercial works.

E William Blochinger Photography
Photography with an edge! Specializing in the entertainment industry.

Elena Retfalvi
A photographic exploration of human emotions, includes portfolio of contemporary dance.

Gabrielle Gawne-Kelnar
Intimate black and white images of pregnancy and new borns are the specialty of Gabrielle Gawne-Kelnar. Her exquisite images capture important personal moments in the lives of mother and child. It is only a small collection of shots which I hope she expands to help inspire other photographers.

Goswin Schwendinger
London based photographewr Goswin Schwendinger shows here a spellbinding collection of his recent work as a music photographer. His work ranges from portraits of well known musicians, such as Goldie, MosDef, D'Angelo, Baaba Maal, Charlie Watts and many more, to a exclusive sections of portraits of actor, director, artist Vincent Gallo.

JB Rengeval - photographe
Pictures of portrait in Paris by a french photographer. These shots have a very hip feel - nice work ed.

Les Prunelles d'Angelle
"Angelle's Pupils" features a french photosensitive young woman. Sensual portraits and ambiant pictures, in the margins of everyday life. Astonishing series, and precious small books as well.

Lightworks Photography
Freelance Photography with a personal touch for portraits and portfolio which display the beauty of life and living.

Looknsee Photography
Looknsee - the gallery includes portraits, landscapes, and nudes but the dance images are a must see.

Merry Evil galleries
Merry Evil is building a gallery of the every day people's artwork, to show the artistic, flamboyant cosmopolitan in it's true light.

Ministry of Vision
Goswin Schwendinger- Artistic and creative colour black and white portraits, also includes some landscape, architecture and location images - interesting web design.



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