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This site will only accept submissions from sites which are acceptable for viewing by the general public. This means no sites with links to or featuring pornography, images which are violent, incite hate or cruetly or are generally degrading to other individuals. Sites which portray the human form in an artistic and tasteful manner are acceptable.

 The aim of is to list sites which are interesting, innovative, artistic and provide excellent representations of the various genres of photography and locations where photography is done (eg USA Europe, Asia, South America). We are not attempting to list every site on the Internet.  As a result not all submissions to are accepted. Photography-Gallery.comís editors review every site which is submitted to the directory and only sites which will add divsersity and uniqueness to the directory will be included. We regularly add sites which we find by surfing.

Sites which apply to the directory must place a link back to  You will be contacted and supplied with the link code.  Sites which have no obvious links page will not usually be listed. Sites in each category are checked for links back to Non linking sites are removed from time to time - it helps keep the directory fresh. Sites which have a link are never removed unless they break the content rules above.

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